pop culture

week 1: 1940's

Main question:
In what ways was radio the lifeline of Australia in the 1940’s?
in the 1940's there wasn't such a thing as Telivision, this maid radio the main source of entertainment, news and information. there were two ways in the 1940's to be informed of the updated news was the news paper and the radio. some of the different entertainments were:adventure, comedy, drama, horror, mystery, musical variety, romance, thrillers—along with classical music concerts, big band remotes, farm reports, news and commentary, panel discussions, quiz shows (beginning with professor quiz,) sidewalk interviews (on vox pop), broadcasts, talent shows and weather forecasts. in these ways was the radio the lifeline of Australia i n 1940's.

what was happening in the world in the1940's?

in the 1940's world war 2 occurred. it started in 1939 and ended in1945.

how did the roles and lives of woman change in the 1940's?
in the 1940's the woman were sent to work, they were there to replace the men who were at war. these woman were paid far less then the men. people worked in factories and on farms, some were even used as spies for the allies. when the men returned the woman lost their jobs.

why were dance bands and their music so popular?
it's jazz style brought swing dance popular.

why was nostalgia such an important element of pop music?
there was a war on and people wanted to think back into the past of happy days.

who were the great music stars in the 1940's?
Rosemary Clooney, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, Cab Calloway, Bing Crosby, Dorsey Brothers.

week 2: 1950's

main question:
what influence did rock have on the world?
the influence of rock effected many people of society. The rock stars began to use illegal drugs, this influenced the use of drugs and the acceptability of drug use among the young youth of the period.
it influenced people to dress the way the music stars did, and it was important to keep up with the changing styles of the stars.

What was the Baby Boom?
the baby boom was between the late 40's and the early 50's. when all the men returned from war, lot's of woman had babies, lot's of woman got married and then had babies. they called this period of time the baby boom.

Where did rock 'n’ roll originate?
the rock 'n' roll originates from rhythm and blues and gospel music from the black cultures. it's roots are with in the 1940's and 1950's.

What threats to world peace flared during the 50’s?
the threats in the 1950's were all revolving around the cold war. between the Russians and the American's. this jeoperdisedthe chance of peace through out the world.

In what ways did peacetime encourage economic and industrial change?
in the 50's after the war many families were on the move, also another thing that sprouted in the 50's was that many went to college and it became a thing not only for the more wealthy. people began to enforce equal rights among the cultures. this was to encourage accepting white and black no different. rock began in the 50's and lived it's golden age in the 50's too, it influenced many changes in behavior and fashions among society.

In what ways were the 50’s conservative?
people were conservative and scared because of the testing of nuclear weapons and afraid of attack. The actions of the military created an extremely conservative environment.

week 3: 1960's


why were the sixties called the 'swinging sixties'?
The sixties were labelled the swinging sixties because of the fall of relaxation of some social taboo's exspecially relating to sexism and racism that occurred during this time.

in what ways were the sixties revolutionary?
lot's of new bands occurred. peace broke out an lot's of hippies were formed. blacks became equal to whites. lot' of new fashions came out in the 60's.

how did the 'space race' impact on the world?
the space race was the time that brought many new inventions to the world, it was the time of competition and conflict between the Russian and the Americans to get the first man on the moon. inventing and using inventions and technology that was soon used in society. if the space race never occurred then we wouldn't be where we are today. it brought small inventions that are so useful even to the modern human being. as you see the space race opened a gate that was flooding with new ideas and inventions.

why did this revolution occur in the 1960's?
because there was lot's of things between the cold war, the Vietnam war and equal rights for the black people. the cold war brang lot's of competiotion with technology and then the space race occured. the hippies and the peace making of the time eventually sunk in and stopped the vietnam war. then the black people truley earn't there rights and there equality.

what was social change?
in the 60's the discrimination of those of a different coulour was a major change. lot's of fashion changed, woman skirt's changed from below the knee's to high above the knee. many men wore long hair styles. music channge and world peace and hippie's came about.

What topics were the subjects of political demonstrations?
the main subject for the political demonstration was peace, many hippie's and other people were all protesting for world peace. civil rights, woman's liberation, and a miner one was consumerism.

week 4: 1970's


Why did so many social movements take place during the seventies?
because it was a time of change - both political and social. Individuals were realising that protesting against things they did not want to tolerate that they could make a change and the more of them there message would be heard louder.

What was the ’Civil Rights’ movement and how did it affect society?
Black people became equal with the white people and were no longer discriminated from the white people. Everyone thought more about the woman been equal to men.

What advancements were there in the women’s movement in this decade?
Thanks to protest and manuscripts on feminism, finally in the 70's women opened up new doors where thy were aloud to have many more positions in employment, politics, education, science and law all another giant leap for women.

How/why did the Environment become an important issue?
many of the public became aware of the fragile earth and it's need for gentle care through disasters aused by man that would have effect on the earth. it became world wide that -
air pollution, water pollution, solid waste disposal, dwindling energy resources, radiation, pesticide poisoning and even noise polution excisted and that could become a problem.

because society began to fear the future if they did not act then.

week 5: 1980's


What influence did the birth of video gaming have on the world?

the first generation of video games were just 2d shapes that were only controlled by the gamer. it really didn't affect people that much within their life styles. but from knowing that the technology used with the computer games was out there meant that lot of new things could happen. it opened up a gate to wide range of technology.

Why are the 1980’s seen as the ‘Me’ years?
every one was selfish and the aim was to earn as much money as possible and be on top. every one was continuously wrapped up in their own issues and thinking about them selves. Who were the influential musicians of the 1980’s and how did they impact this era? Guns N’ Roses -Run-DMC -Michael Jackson -R.E.M. -U2 - their campaigning and activism with in the world was inspiring. they saw what it was like in 3'rd well countries. they were continuously promoting society to do the same.

week 6: 1990's

1990: The Year of Gulf War
1991: The Year the Soviet Union Collapse
1992: The Year of Buttafuoco Jokes
1993: The Year of Waco
1994: The Year OJ makes a break for it!
1995: The Year of the Oaklahoma City Bombing
1996: The Year of the Olympic Park bombing
1997: The Year of the Cloned Sheep
1998: The Year of Clinton's admission
1999: The Year of the Columbine Shooting

In what ways were the 90’s the ‘Electronic Age’?

  1. internet
  2. email

How did the advent of personal computers impact on language?
people had to learn a whole new language to be able to operate a computer, this was confusing and a hard task.

Where were the beginnings of terrorism evident?

week 7: 2000's

There have been many natural disasters during the 00’s.
Explain how some of them have impacted this era?
They have been many recorded deaths because of the natural disasters. In what ways has ‘terrorism’ become a part of life? Terrorism began with the 9 - 11 attacks on the twin towers, New York. It was then apart of peoples minds and spread terror all over the world.

What world events have had an impact on our lives?
  • Barak Obama the first African American president in history.
  • 9 - 11 attacks
  • Australian Idol and So you think you can dance.
  • Youtube
  • Ice on mars
  • Reality TV

What world events are shaping our lives now?
Technology, is almost ruling our lives. with computers that can do nearly anything and phones, Ipod's, and even social networks that allow you to speak and socialize with out leaving the house.