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What was happening in the world in the 1940's?
Nobody wanted war but when the germans attaked poland a nother European had
to attake and war went on for years!!!!
Three gasoline-powered trains carrying factory workers crashed and exploded while
approching Ajikawaguchi,killing 181 people and injuring at least 92.
Why were dance bands and their music so popular?
Because people could socialsies and take their mind of the war! And they couldn't just turn on the t.v or play comuter games or video games so they would go out and listen to music or dance to it!!!!

Why was nostalgia such an impotant element of pop music?

It means looking pack in the past so i guse it would be important because they would look back at their past and write a song about it and it dosn't have to be their past !!!

Who were the great music stars of the 1940's?
  • Bing cosby
  • The Andrews sisters
  • Glenn Miller
and many more!

How did the roles and lives of women change in the 1940's
well all the men went to war so most of the women had to work witch they haven't really done before and their work places would usally be in factories and they wore pants instead of dresses and skirts so they wouldn't get cout in the machine and they also were worried about their husbands and boyfriends and they also had to look after there children!!!


What influence did Rock 'n' Roll have on the world in the 1950's?
Rock 'n' Roll had a big influence on America,UK and Australia.It changed peoples fashion,language and everything about them!
What was Baby Boom?
Well all the men went to war and when they came back pretty much everyone started to get married and have babies and all the babies that were born in that era were called Baby Boomers!!!
Where did Rock 'n' Roll originate?
Rock 'n' Roll originated from the rythm and blues no body really knows the exacted year but people think that it started in the mid 50's in America!
What threats to world peace that flared during the 50's?
The war,nuclear weapons,weapons in jeneral ect!
In what ways did peacetime encourage economic and industrial change?
Lots more people started to work and when all the men got back from war they also worked so their were a lot of people working!!!
In what ways were the 50's conservative?
Everyone was conservative in the 50's because they were scared they were going to get bombed after they sore what happened to japan!!!!

In what ways were the 60's revolutionary?
Well because the many things that advanced , changed and simply just got better and also because it got more civilized!!!
How did the 'space race' impact the world?
The space race gave us lots more technology that we use today !!
What was 'social change'?
social change was when the hippies decided to stand up for their rights and they stoped the war before it got even worse!!
What topics were the subjects of political demonstrations?
The Vietnam War was something that hippies disagreed with and they were mainly about love and peace not killing each other!

What was the 'civil rights' movement and how did it affect society
Civil rights movement