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In what ways was radio the lifeline of Australia in the 1940s?
They had news to tell them about the war and other stuff
They had shows for entertainment
They had songs and music for entertainment
They had sport for entertainment

What was happening in the world in the 1940s
world war 2, including the invention of the atomic bomb, India and Pakistan became independent countries. Israel was created in 1948 and gave Jewish people a place to live.

Why were dance bands and their music so popular?
Because there was no TV everyone liked music. Also, music and dancing were a good distraction from the war.

Who were great music stars in the 1940s
Hank Williams
Woody Guthrie
Bing Crosby
Bill Monroe
Thelonlous Monk

How did the roles and live of women change in 1940?
Because of the war they had to work. After this, though, things changed back - women again stayed at home and their husbands worked.


What was the Baby Boom?
When men came home from war people were encouraged to marry and have babies which caused a rapid increase to human population.

What influence did rock and roll have on the world?
It mainly influenced teenagers in the first Baby Boomer generation. It gave them ideas for new styles in dance, fashion, attitude and language. Because they had more pocket money to spend, they could buy records and listen to jukeboxes. Popular bands and singers such as The Beatles and Elvis Presley were popular around the world not just locally.

Where did rock and roll originate?
America in the 1950s. African-American music was one of the sources of this music. Elvis Presley was the first white rock star.

What threats to world peace flared during the 50's?
The cold war between the communist countries and western, capitalist countries. There was a lot of tension between the USA and the USSR. The Korean war was really a war between communism and capitalism.

In what ways did peacetime encourage economic and industrial change?
Australian people had plenty of money and were able to buy lots of stuff. New industries arose to make all this stuff. Eg. washing machines, record players, cars and tvs.

In what ways were the 50's conservative?
Teenagers respected their parents, people had similar haircuts and wore similar outfits. People went to church regularly. Most people thought the same way.



The swinging sixties meant that there was more freedom in how people dressed, danced and socialised. People were able to question rules and leaders more.

The 60s were revolutionary because certain groups that felt unfairly treated got together and protested. Eventually they got treated better. For example women, African Americans and Hippies. There was new music such as rock 'n' roll and man first landed on the moon. For the first time many people protested against going to war in other countries (Vietnam war).

It increased technology - Weather forecasting, satellite television, computers, freeze dried food, cordless powertools, athletic shoes. Also humans saw earth from space for the first time.

Because tv spread new ideas quickly. It was the beginning of hippie culture, and people started to question long held beliefs.

New ideas about women, quality and education. Women and races demanded equal rights. People thought everyone deserved good education.

The Vietnam war and the African Americans. People in Australia and America protested against the Vietnam war. In America African Americans demanded equal rights.


Social Movements

Many social movements took place because because a lot of new ideas about people arose.

Civil Rights Movement

The civil rights movement was where people were asking for equal rights. It had a big affect on society. Women started to work more and be paid more. African Americans started to get better jobs.

The Women’s Movement

Feminism started in the 60’s but became stronger in the 70’s, maybe because more books were written and more people read them.

The Environmental Movement

The environment movement started because people thought about the Earth more after seeing images of the Earth from the moon landing in 1969 and because of the shocking pollution that started to appear.


What effect did the birth of video gaming have on the world?

Kids spent more time inside and didn't get much excercise. Kids also got more violent if they had played violent games.

Why were the 1980s referred to as the 'me' decade?

Because everyone was greedy and wanted to get as much money as they could.

Influential musicians:

Micheal Jackson
Billy Joel
Guns 'n' Roses
Bruce Springsteen


A lot of the music was not very serious and did not have a large impact. Live Aid helped raised money for hungry Africans.

Removal of the Berlin Wall

This showed that communism in Europe had ended. Germany became one country again.


Major events
Iraq invaded Kuwait and then Western countries waged a war with Iraq (and won). The Soviet Union collapsed. Princess Diana died and South Africa ended Apartheid. The environment and the internet became important.
The legendary Hamish McKenzie was born.

The electronic age
All of these items started to become popular: Internet, Email, Mobile phones, modems, PCs, Laptops, Cable TV, satellite TV, MP3 players, digital cameras, DVDs.

PCs and language
Many new words started to be used: input, output, mouse, keyboard, PC, laptop, modem, email, internet, printer, hardrive, floppy disc, wysiwyg, gui, website, usb, windows, applemac.

Attacks on American embassies, world trade centre bombing 1993, many kidnappings and suicide bombings.


Natural disasters

Boxing day tsunami- killed 230,000 people.
Hurricane Katrina- killed 2000 people
Iran earthquake- killed 30,000 people
Pakistan and Indian earthquake- killed 87,000 people
Haiti earthquake- killed 250,000 people
Pakistan floods- killed 1000+ people
Black Saturday bushfires- killed 173 people


Airports check passengers very thoroughly, The government tells us to report suspicious activity and there have been many terrorist attacks since 911.

World events

911 attacks, the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, the global financial crisis, the boxing day tsunami and global warming.

Current world events

Climate change, Over population, war in Afghanistan, global financial crisis, new technology, world wide diseases ( swine flu).