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by Sam Larsen
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top question-Radio is a way of sending signals without wires. It uses electromagnetic radiation to send sounds made in one place to listeners in many places. Radio is also known as 'wireless telegraphy', or 'wireless', as earlier methods for sending signals (such as the telegraph and telephone) used wires. Australia adopted radio for communications at sea and in lighthouses, and wireless telegraphy gradually replaced the overland telegraph which had been completed in 1872.

1.in 1940s it was very hard for most people because it was war and Hittler was trying to take over the whole of Europe and he almost succeded till the Americans brought the newclier bomb and blew some places in japan till they gave up and surrendered

2.Music was so popular because men were off at war and they cant watch tv because it wasn't invented so they would listn to the radioand sing and dance to the song

3.Because it means remembering something from the past and people were trying to remember happy things or times of war to put into a song

4.These are a few people who were famous singers in the 1940's

  • Bing Crosby (White Christmas)

  • The Andrews Sisters (Boogie Wugle Boogle Boy)

  • Frank Sinatra (Saturday night is the lonliest night of the week)

  • Glenn Miller 9In the mood)

  • Fats Domino (the fat man)

5.There is little doubt that women's work in the two World Wars of the twentieth century was an important factor in the outcome of both wars. This involvement changed the social status and working lives of women in many countries from that point onwards.

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top question- rock n' roll had a big influence on the worldbecause it gave people somthing to do and have fun.

1. in the 1950's baby rates increased by the minute and in the next 9-12 months over 4 million babys were born in Australia

2.Rock 'n' roll originated from the evolution of rhythm and blues. The term rock and roll was coined by Alan Fried, a Cleveland, Ohio USA disc jockey.


4.The 50’s were ultra conservative for the most part. Women dressed like women and men dressed like men, and the unisex look had not yet hit the fashion world.



top question-It was a decade of many happenings. Decimal currency was introduced, along with the problem of vertical hold. The Beatles, Brian Henderson’s Bandstand and Johnny Young’s Young Talent Time played an important role. The assassination of President Kennedy shocked the world and men walked on the moon.

1.Progressing at a dizzying, frenetic pace, the 1960s were synonymous with rebellion and conflict

2.The space race increased much of the technology available today. Before this age, space travel was just a dream. And no one imagined satelites would be so important as they are today. Without them we can't do anything in terms of communication, transportation and all media resources.

3.The space race between the US and the USSR was just one of the very outward public signs of competition between the governments of these two countries. The cold war was already in full swing, and the competition for the 'hearts and minds' of people in countries world wide became an important 'measure' of who had the upper hand in this 'war'. The US and USSR competed globally in many venues, among them were the Olympics, Aid to foreign countries, offers of military training to help stabilize various governments, and yes, the race for space dominance.

4.The election of John F. Kennedy as president in 1960 ushered in a decade of energetic idealism that bore fruit in the founding of the Peace Corps, the War on Poverty, and Great Society programs of federal assistance to the poor. The 1960s also witnessed a dramatic new phase of the civil rights movement. Kennedy was one of the first political leaders to recognize the vast number of people not only mired in poverty but also hidden from public awareness.

5.Cruelty, Greediness and Equality



top question-

1.it was about black and white people having equal and the same rights, which then changed the way other people saw each other( meaning white people didn't dicriminate black people as much as they use to)