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What was happening in the world in the 1940’s?

in the 1940's the war was on and hittler and the nazi's tried to take over the world.
America end the world war when they dropped an attomic bomb on japan. then japan surrenerd.

Why were dance bands and their music so popular?
dance bands and there music were so popular because it was something new and they danced insted of singing.

Why was nostalgia such an important element of pop music?

nostalgia was so important because it reminded everyone of special events and happy times

Who were the great music stars in the 1940?

Some of the great music stars are Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

How did the roles and lives of women change during the 1940’s?

womens lives were changed when the world war started.
all the men that were working at the factory's had to go to the war.
there was no one to run the factory's when all the men were gone so women had to go run the factory's


What was the baby boom?

the baby boom was when alot of babys were made

Where did rock and roll originate?

rock and roll originated in America. one of the famous singers being Elvis

What threats to world peace flared during the fifty's?

the cold war that was between America and USSA

In what ways did peacetime encouraged economic industrial change?

after the war, people wanted things that they could not get or afford during the war

In what ways were the fifty's conservative?

Men wore grewy flannel suits and women wore long skirts and high heels, Families worked, played and holidayed together

In what ways were the 1960’s revolutionary?Black people were seen as equal to white people and were given all the same rights. Black people were given right to vote. Man landed on the moon (Neil Armstrong. The Beatles formed and changed the music people listed to. The first calculator and the tape cassette was developed. The first calculator and the tape cassette was developed. The 60's were different because everything was changing. The 60's was called 'The Golden Age of Movies' because movies was evolving. Fashion was changing and evolving and Australia was turning more and more American.

How did the ‘Space Race’ impact on the world?

The space race increased much of the technology available today. Before this age, space travel was just a dream. And no one imagined satelites would be so importants as they are today. Without them we can't do nothing in terms of communication, transportation and all media resources. Just NASA has, in the period of space race, registered about 300,000 patents, including digital clock, waterproof pen and the velcro. We can't imagine the future of human being out of the space exploration. The space research help us to understand ourselves as kind on this little platform of life that we call Earth. As Werner Von Braun once said: the space race opened the gates to the heaven.

Why did this revolution occur in the 60’s?It happened because there was a race between the US and the USSR to get the first man up into space. The USSR won that, so the Americans set another goal to beat the USSR and have the first man step on the moon. They were determined to win this one, so they make sure it happened as soon as possible.

What was ‘social change’?

Hippies who wanted to stand up against war and cruelty and greediness of the world. They wanted to show you could be happy and loving without lots of material things. There was also social change about war. In the 60’s lots of people had seen how war had affected the world in a bad way, so there were standing up against it.

What topics were the subjects of political demonstrations?

  • War

  • Greediness

  • Cruelty

  • Equal rights for all (i.e black and white people, and male and female


what was the Social Movement?

Many social movements took place because because a lot of new ideas about people arose.

what was the Civil Rights Movement

The civil rights movement was where people were asking for equal rights. It had a big affect on society. Women started to work more and be paid more. African Americans started to get better jobs.

=what advancements were there in the Women’s Movement

Feminism started in the 60’s but became stronger in the 70’s, maybe because more books were written and more people read them.

The Environmental Movement

The environment movement started because people thought about the Earth more after seeing images of the Earth from the moon landing in 1969 and because of the shocking pollution that started to appe



what effect did the birth of video gaming have on the world?


Kids spent more time inside and didn't get much excersise. Kids also got more violent if they had played violent games.

Why were the 1980's refered to as the 'me' decade?

Because everyone was greedy and wan't to get as much money as they could.

Influencial musicians:
Micheal Jackson
Billy Joel
Guns 'n' Roses
Bruce Springsteen


A lot of the music was not very serious and did not have a large impact. Live Aid helped raised money for hungry Africans.

Removal of the Berlin Wall

This showed that communism in Europe had ended. Germany became one country again.
what were some of the Major events of the 90's

Iraq invaded Kuwait and then Western countries waged a war with Iraq (and won). The Soviet Union collapsed. Princess Diana died and South Africa ended Apartheid. The environment and the internet became important.
The legendary Hamish McKenzie was born.

The electronic age

All of these items started to become popular: Internet, Email, Mobile phones, modems, PCs, Laptops, Cable TV, satellite TV, MP3 players, digital cameras, DVDs.

PCs and language
Many new words started to be used: input, output, mouse, keyboard, PC, laptop, modem, email, internet, printer, hardrive, floppy disc, wysiwyg, gui, website, usb, windows, applemac.

Attacks on American embassies, world trade centre bombing 1993, many kidnappings and suicide bombings.

=2000'swhat were some of the disasters in the 2000's?blacksaturday occured on the 9th of febuary 2009. 173 people were killed and 414 people were injured. that was only one of the natural disasters from the decade. What world events have had an impact on our lives? Some things that impacted on our lives were things like 9-11, 2000's Sydney Olympics, Melbourne Common Wealth Games etc. What world events are shaping our lives now? Global Warming and global financial crisis