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Term 3, pop culture


-What was the Baby Boom?
The baby boom was when all the men came back from war and they would celebrate their homecoming, and this was hapening all over the world.

-Where did rock’n’roll originate?
It orginated in america in in the mid-late 1940's.

-What threats to world peace flared during the 50’s?
The cold war which was a big arguement about communest and capitalist.

-In what ways did peacetime encourage economic and industrial change?
Lots more people started to work and when the men got back from war they started to work as well.

-In what ways were the 50’s conservative?
They were conservative because in the 1950's everyone was very scared because want to be bombed after what they saw happened to japan.

-In what ways were the 1960’s revolutionary?
the 60's were revolutionary partially because of many things that advanced, changed and got better and more civilized

-How did the ‘Space Race’ impact on the world?
the space race gave us much of the available technology that we have today

-What was ‘social change’?
social change was when all of the hippies decided to stand up for their rights and stop the war before it got out of hand

-What topics were the subjects of political demonstrations?
Cruelty, Equality, Greediness, and intoleration

http://www.inthe70s.com/timeline.shtml - this is a good link for the 1970's, take a look.

What was the ’Civil Rights’ movement and how did it affect society?
Civil Rights Movement affected society because African American children could go to the same school as white children, African Americans could shop and eat at the same store/restaurant/bars as white people.

What advancements were there in the women’s movement in this decade?
they took place because the 70's were a year of change. Styles were changing, attitudes were changing and peoples rights, were changing as well.

How/why did the Environment become an important issue?
In the 70's people started to realise what they had been doing to the enviroment.

Why are the 1980’s seen as the ‘Me’ years?
they were seen as the 'me' years because it was the year of greed, everyone was thinking about themselves and the money they had they would always put themselves first.
Who were the influential musicians of the 1980’s and how did they impact this era?

People such as Blondie, Talking Heads, Kim Wilde, Duran Duran etc. They impacted the 80's with lots of keyboard music and synthusising music.
How did the removal of the Berlin Wall impact on western culture?
because half of germany was now free.

In what ways were the 90’s the ‘Electronic Age’?
The 90s were the electronic age because it was a time when there was lots of technology around to buy.

How did the advent of personal computers impact on language?
because the computers would correct the spelling to american grammar, and people would start to think this was correct

Where were the beginnings of terrorism evident?
Bombings in all different places and murders/killings etc.

In what ways has ‘terrorism’ become a part of life?
It started happening regulary in places like Airports, Footy Games, Social Celebrations etc.

What world events have had an impact on our lives?
Some things that impacted on our lives were things like 9-11, 2000's Sydney Olympics, Melbourne Common Wealth Games etc.

What world events are shaping our lives now?
global warming and droughts