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1940's QUESTIONS!!

In what ways was radio the lifeline of Australia in the 1940's?
Well.......you were connected to the world (not literally!) by only turning on the radio and you could learn about just anything. Other ways of connecting to the world was by letters, newspapers and/or in person.

What was happening in the world in the 1940's?
Umm................... World War ll was happening which was important and women's right became better because they were allowed to do more things and also things that men do.

World War ll from a different perspective

Why were dance bands and their music so popular?
Because...................people liked to dance and because their was no t.v so they were everyone's entertainment.

Why was Nostalgia such an important element in pop music?
Ahhhh...................well Nostalgia means like remembering the past so like I guess everyone remembered the past so if people wrote songs about it more people would listen.

Who were the great music stars in the 1940's?
Lets see....................ummm there were several like Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Bing Crosby, Cab Calloway etc.

How did the roles and lives of women change during the 1940's?
Well............... when their husbands went to war women had to take over the men's responsiblity which was a lot different to their usual chores. Also women were eventually asked to go and fight at war but were told that women with children weren't to go.


What influence did Rock n Roll have on the world?
Well.........Rock n Roll had a mega impact on the world. It changed peoples fashion, language and normal selves. After a while people started to incorporate them into t.v shows etc.

What was the Baby Boom?
Um...............The Baby Boom was a time in the 1950's where all the men came back from war and the women had kids and because so many women had kids it was called THE BABY BOOM!
Where did Rock n Roll originate?
Ahh...........Rock n Roll originated from the evolution of Rhythm and Blues. No one really knows the exact year but it is believed that it started in the mid 50's in the United States

What threats to world peace flared during the 50's?
The Cold War, nuclear weapons and lots of other stuff.

In what ways did peacetime encourage economic and industrial change?
More people started to work becuase women were already working and men had just come back from war so they started working as well. That was good becuase the women had taken over the men's jobs and so the returning soldiers had to create new jobs which expanded the economic and industrial system. The returning soliders got jobs that involved experiances from the war.

In what ways were the 50's conservative?
In the 50's people were very shaked and scared becuase of the drama and deaths in the war and the atmoic bomb. So people were very scared of other countries and people.


Why was the decade called "The Swinging Sixties?"
I think it was called that because of stuff that had to do with sexism and racism and because of the type of dancing.

In what ways were the 1960's revolutionary?
The 60's were revolutionary mainly becuase of the Hippies. The Hippies impacted on the world tremendously with their message being Flower Power and Make Love Not War. Hippies started challenging things that they're parents took for granted.



How did the 'Space Race'impact on the world?
The 'Space Race' was a race of who could get the first man to the moon between Russia and America. America say they won but really Russia won.

Why did this revolution occur in the 60's?
The Hippie revolution happened because people wanted change and to stand up for their own rites.

What was 'social change'?
Social Change was the way people interrperated what the society thought and did.

What topics were the subjects of political demonstrations?
The Vietnam War was something the Hippies disagreed with and they were mainly about making love and not killing each other.


Why did so many social movements take place during the seventies?
Several big changes were made in the 60's and in the 70's the change continued on throughout the era.

What was the ’Civil Rights’ movement and how did it affect society?
The Civil Rights movement was about Black peoples rites. It affected society because it changed the way people saw life and black people.

What advancements were there in the women’s movement in this decade?
Several steps were made to women having equal rites to men.

How/why did the Environment become an important issue?
People started to realise that the environment was getting damaged and that we needed to help it by changing things.

What influence did the birth of video gaming have on the world?
It made people become lazy, have bad eye sight etc.

Why are the 1980’s seen as the ‘Me’ years?
Because people were very self focused.

Who were the influential musicians of the 1980’s and how did they impact this era?
People such as Blondie, Talking Heads, Kim Wilde, Duran Duran etc. They impacted the 80's with lots of keyboard music and synthusising music.

How did the removal of the Berlin Wall impact on western culture?
Half of Germany was now free.

What were the major events that influenced the world during the 1990’s?
Things like Princess Diana was killed and wars etc.

In what ways were the 90’s the ‘Electronic Age’?Things like internet and other computer stuff came out.

How did the advent of personal computers impact on language?
It impacted because people bought things that are like an American brand etc.

Where were the beginnings of terrorism evident?
Bombings in all different places and murders/killings etc.


There have been many natural disasters during the 00’s. Explain how some of them they have impacted this era?
Natural Disasters impact the world really badly. They freak everyone out and usually make people very cautious.

In what ways has ‘terrorism’ become a part of life?

It started happening regulary in places like Airports, Footy Games, Social Celebrations etc.

What world events have had an impact on our lives?

Some things that impacted on our lives were things like 9-11, 2000's Sydney Olympics, Melbourne Common Wealth Games etc.

What world events are shaping our lives now?
Global Warming etc.