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Okay so basically what we're doing is answering a few questions each week about the movies, music, fashion, cartoons and transportation in a different section of time (e.g 1940's) and then writing what ever you know about each subject in those years.


1940's questions-

  • In what ways was radio the lifeline of Australia in the 1940's?

Well, back then there was no such thing as tv (i know right?!! how did they live?!!) so instead they had to listen to the radio pretty much whenever they felt like watching (or hearing :P) they would have to simply turn on the radio.

  • What was happening in the world in the 1940's?
Well WWII was still going on around then so everyone was really scared and worried. Also the woman had to go off and work in factories while the men were at war so it would have been really confusing for them.
  • Why were dance bands and their music so popular?
Dance bands and music was really popular because there wasn't any way to just turn on the television and watch a TV show or a video clip so instead they would listen to music. Also lots of people were really upset and emotional so they tried to write more songs about what they were going through.
  • Why was nostalgia such an important element of pop music?
Because it means remembering something from the past and people were either trying to remember happy times to write about in their music or times of war to express into a song. (i think)
  • Who were the great music stars of the 1940's?
A few hit celebs from the 1940's are:
  • Bing Crosby (White Christmas)
  • The Andrews Sisters (Boogie Wugle Boogle Boy)
  • Frank Sinatra (Saturday night is the lonliest night of the week)
  • Glenn Miller 9In the mood)
  • Fats Domino (the fat man)
  • How did the roles and lives of woman change in the 1940's?

The roles of womans lives changed greatly in the 1940s because basically, all the men went off to war and they were left there to take care of them selves, their children and that was hard for them to manage let alone having to go off and work at their husbands and fathers old jobs in factories as the men couldn't while they were at war. The woman were going through a tough and stressful time, worrying about their husbands and boyfriends, AND getting payed almost nothing from the factories they worked at.


  • What influence did Rock 'n' Roll have on the world in the 1950's?
Rock and Roll had a massive influence on America, the UK and Australia in the 50's, lots of big musicians started up bands and the dance 'the Jitabug' had just been introduced, so lots of people in their teens would go out to dance in their version if a night club and listen to the music that the band played. e.g- Bill Haley and the comets singing rock around the Clock, him and his band played while all the people danced really fast.

  • What was the Baby Boom?
The Baby Boom was during the 50's, as it was when all the men got back from war and they started to want to make a family. If someone was born in the 50's they would call them a 'baby boomer' as that was when heaps f babies were born in the same decade.

Where did rock’n’roll originate? Rock 'n' Roll basically originated from the genre Rhythm and Blues. Alan Fried made the term 'rock and roll' but some people agree that the real Rock 'n' Roll started when Bill Haley recorded his number #1 Hit song 'Rock Around the Clock.'

  • What threats to world peace flared during the 50’s?
-!950-1953: Korean War, General MacArthur planned to invade and bomb China to eliminate the threat of communism in Eastern Asia.
-July 26, 1956, March 1947: Suez Crisis: The conflict pitted Egypt against an alliance between France, the United Kingdom and Israel. When the USSR threatened to intervene on behalf of Egypt, the Canadian secretary of State External Affairs Lester B. Pearson feared a larger war and persuaded the British and French to withdraw. The Eisenhower administration, also fearing a wider war, had applied pressure to the United Kingdom to withdraw, including a threat to create a currency crisis by dumping US holdings of British debt. Lester B. Pearson later received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts towards peace.

  • In what ways did peacetime encourage economic and industrial change?
When all the men and boys came back from war they were very low on money so they had to find work. The owners of the factories immediately fired most of the woman in order to be able to have more positions available for the men to work in. They were also very excited to see the wives and create families so they spent time getting to know their wives and vise versa.

  • In what ways were the 50’s conservative?
Since the men were at WWII the woman were working at factories, this changed the way they had to dress, woman started wearing head scarves and pants, so that they didn't get hurt or their hair and skirts could've gotten caught in the machines.


  • Why was this decade called 'The Swinging Sixties?'
It was called the swinging sixties because of all the swing music and dancing. They thought that this genre was very popular in the decade so i'm guessing that that is what they named it after. Everyone over the age of at least 13 would go swing dancing while a band played swing music. The dancing was very fast and upbeat therefore people got really tired easily. Trends were changing and rock music was becoming really big. The decade was also labelled the 'Swinging Sixties' because of the relaxation of social society.

  • In what ways were the 1960's revolutionary?
The 1960's were different because they were changing at a very fast pace. The fashion industry was maturing, the Golden Age of Movies was evolving and the Americanization had just took a giant leap in history and time! Black people were seen equal to white people and were given the same rights. Also Black people were given a right to vote for president of USA. A big event was Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon. A hit band The Beatles, who were seen the most famous band around formed and changed rock music completely.

  • How did the 'space race' impact on the world?
The space Race impacted the world by creating a challenge between Russia and America to get a man into Space first. Basing on the fact that Russia is the biggest country in the world and America is one of the most powerful and well known countries in the world it was all a massive event. Russia technically won the Space Race as they got a man into space before America, but America claims to have won because they got a man on the moon first so they basically just modified the challenge to fit their preference.

  • Why did this revolution occur in the 60's?
This happened because of the space race which was basically a race between the US and the USSR to who can get a man into space first. The Americans claimed to have won as they got a man on the moon first but technically they lost because Russia got a man into Space first but not on the moon.

  • What was 'Social Change?'
The Social Change was hippies standing up for peoples rights and why the war should be stopped. The amazing thing is that for the first time ever a social statement stopped a WORLD WAR!! OMG thats freaky right?!! but whats really cool is that it proves that someones opinion can save a million and more humans lives! That's what i find totally scary

  • What topics were the subjects of political demonstrations?
Cruelty, Equality, Greediness, and intoleration (people discriminating black people from what they should be allowed.

  • Why did so many social movements take place during the 70's?

They took place because the 70's were a year of change. Styles were changing, attitudes were changing and peoples rights, were changing. Because all this change was occurring, social movements began to take place. Some of the major social movements that occurred in the 70's are: . . . . . .
  • Anti War protests - which was basically hippies complaining and trying to stop the war, this caught on and more people began to agree.
  • Environmentalism- environmentalism was environmental issues, the Moon landing that occurred at the end of the previous decade, transmitted back concrete images of the earth intergrated.
  • Feminism - which was pretty much womans rights policies and woman trying to fight for that.
  • Civil Rights - Civil rights was African American citizens trying to fight for equal tolerance and allowances.

  • What was 'Civil Rights' movement and how did it affect society?
Civil Rights Movement affected society because African American children could go to the same school as white children, African Americans could shop and eat at the same store/restaurant/bars as white people and basically, people were trying to treat this different race equally, as everyone can see today how wrong it was to be intolerant of someone with simply a different coloured skin than others, it's like saying 'You're to tall, you can't shop here, but you're fairly short so you can shop here' It's just not right to discriminate African Americans the way they were discriminated back in the 40's up until the 70's. Black people being called names was seen as 'normal' back then, but now most people don't even think of it. That's how society changed when the 'Civil Rights' policy went into action.

  • What advancements were there in woman's movement in this decade?

Womans rights were just forming and they were allowed to have more freedom and work like men. They were treated equally to men and they weren't just seen as house wives anymore. Woman were allowed to choose who they married and they didn't get a husband immediately chosen for them.

  • How/Why did the Environment become an important issue in the 70's

Well because hippies were at their peak and they really wanted to save the earth and they were all about 'save the trees' and stuff like that.

What influence did the birth of video gaming have on the world?
It made people become lazy, have bad eye sight etc.

Why are the 1980’s seen as the ‘Me’ years?
Because people were very self focused.

Who were the influential musicians of the 1980’s and how did they impact this era?
People such as Blondie, Talking Heads, Kim Wilde, Duran Duran etc. They impacted the 80's with lots of keyboard music and synthusising music.

How did the removal of the Berlin Wall impact on western culture?
Half of Germany was now free.

What were the major events that influenced the world during the 1990’s?=
Things like Princess Diana was killed and wars etc.

In what ways were the 90’s the ‘Electronic Age’?Things like internet and other computer stuff came out.

How did the advent of personal computers impact on language?
It impacted because people bought things that are like an American brand etc.

Where were the beginnings of terrorism evident?
Bombings in all different places and murders/killings etc.


There have been many natural disasters during the 00’s. Explain how some of them they have impacted this era?
Natural Disasters impact the world really badly. They freak everyone out and usually make people very cautious.

In what ways has ‘terrorism’ become a part of life?

It started happening regulary in places like Airports, Footy Games, Social Celebrations etc.

What world events have had an impact on our lives?

Some things that impacted on our lives were things like 9-11, 2000's Sydney Olympics, Melbourne Common Wealth Games etc.

What world events are shaping our lives now?
Global Warming etc.

Alright so i'm just gonna put a few pics and cartoons on so you can see basically what it was like back then.

This cartoon was created by Ub Iwerks in 1930. He had drawn a frog and his girlfriend in "Night'", one of the last Silly Symphonies short films he drew while working for Walt Disney.

Here are some fashion shots mostly from the 1940's/1950's, it shows us how women dressed back then and how extremely thin the models were. You can see in some particular pictures how thin their wastes are and how the dresses are made to fit that type of image. The fashion back the was so amazingly different to how it is now, and deffinetely alot cheaper to buy back then too!

This is a funny video called 'adventure through music and time' It's 2 guys who get somehow transported to the 1940's and have a look at the music/dances and try to join the war but instead they try to 'dig for victory' hahaha but its a really good clip! (like LITERALLY dig for victory!)

This is a continued video from 'adventure through music and time 1940's' this is the same but 1950's, it shows the hit song from this decade with wonderful saxophone and the 2 main characters enjoying it!

This is my favourite video yet, they travel to the 60's and meet a cool as hippie friend wearing a poncho (:P) they listen to all kinds of music and do some dance moves to (:S) anyway its a really good clip and as always its reeally funny!

This is another hilarious sequel to journey through music and time. This time it's a journey through the 70's! Unlike previous episodes, this one is all about fighting crime and being involved in shootings and crime scenes. Although, while they're fighting off the bad guys, they listen to a variety of songs from this decade! A strange mixture of things but all up, a hilarious video!