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Info about the 1940's !!!!!!!!!!

This is a chart that shows you the top 5 hit songs from the 1940's
Chart Entries
Glenn Miller
In The Mood
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Europe 1 of the 1940s, US BB 2 of 1940, POP 2 of 1940, RYM 4 of 1939, Scrobulate 4 of swing, RIAA 11, UK 13 - Jan 1976, Holland 15 - Aug 1972, Party 45 of 1999, Acclaimed 477
Artie Shaw
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US 1940s 1 - Aug 1940, US 1 for 13 weeks Dec 1940, US BB 6 of 1940, POP 6 of 1940, Scrobulate 48 of swing, Europe 71 of the 1940s
Bing Crosby
Only Forever
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US 1940s 1 - Sep 1940, US 1 for 9 weeks Oct 1940, US BB 15 of 1940, POP 15 of 1940, Europe 24 of the 1940s, RYM 87 of 1940
Tomy Dorsey
I'll Never Smile Again
194 0
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US 1940s 1 - Jul 1940, US 1 for 12 weeks Jul 1940, US BB 8 of 1940, POP 8 of 1940, Europe 17 of the 1940s
Cliff Edwards
(Ukelele Ike)
When You Wish Upon A Star
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Oscar in 1940, AFI 7, RYM 20 of 1940, RIAA 55, Acclaimed 1090

Unit Question
Content Question
In what ways was radio the lifeline
of Australia in the 1940’s? The radio was a lifeline because it would tell you info about the war and how close they were it would also be used for listing to radio shows like the andy hardy series.
  • What was happening in the world in the 1940’s? The things that were happening in the world in the 1940's were the world war which ended march 1945 the Americans came over and intredused nilon stockings.
  • Why were dance bands and their music so popular?
  • Why was nostalgia such an important element of
pop music? * Who were the great music stars in the 1940? Some of the great music stars were Glenn Miller, The tic-Toc rytham orchestra, Joe Loss, Kate Smith and Bing Crosby.
  • How did the roles and lives of
women change during the 1940’s? The rolls and lives changed in the 1940's when all the men had to go to war and heaps of women had to run the factories and had to start to work.
Info about the 1950's
Unit Question
Content Question
What influence did rock and roll have on the world?? rock and roll impacted on the fashion that people wore and the language that people talked I think it also changed the way people danced to music because it was a lot faster.
  • What was the Baby Boom? The Baby boom when the Australian solgiers came back from war and was when heaps of babys were born.
  • Where did rock’n’roll originate? Rock and roll came from America and alot of people loved although some did not.
  • In what ways did peacetime encourage economic and industrial change?
  • In what ways were the 50’s conservative?
info about the 1960's
Links: http://www.diggers.org/chrono_all_events.asp
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Why was this decade called “The Swinging Sixties?” This decade was called the swinging sixties because there was alot of consumerism from the 1950's. The 1960's saw a beginning of the hippy movement.
  • In what ways were the 1960’s revolutionary? because yong people had more freedom.
  • How did the ‘Space Race’ impact on the world?
  • Why did this revolution occur in the 60’s?
  • What was ‘social change’? was having more freedom
  • What topics were the subjects of political demonstrations?


  • What was the ’Civil Rights’ movement and how did it affect society? The rules became equal between the black and the whites which meant that the blacks had more freedom. Women were allowed to work not just men.
  • What advancements were there in the women’s movement in this decade? Woman were allowed to work with the men instead of cleaning the houses. They were also alowed to vote.
  • How/why did the Environment become an important issue? Because people started to relise that animals were getting killed by the pollution and global warming.



  • Why are the 1980’s seen as the ‘Me’ years?
  • Who were the influential musicians of the 1980’s and how did they impact this era?
  • How did the removal of the Berlin Wall impact on western culture?The impact was that people were separated and that meant families were apart. it also had a impact because a lot of people were killed because they crossed the Berlin wall

What were the major events that influenced the world during the 1990’s?some things that ifluenced the world in the 90's was when princess diana died in a car crash and when he gulf war took place./. the world wide web was introduced.

  • In what ways were the 90’s the ‘Electronic Age’?it was the electronic age because there was more technolgy
  • How did the advent of personal computers impact on language?the computers had spellcheck and you could write quicker
  • Where were the beginnings of terrorism evident?bombings happened in the world and killings and murders.

There have been many natural disasters during the 00’s. Explain how some of them they have impacted this era?
  • In what ways has ‘terrorism’ become a part of life?
  • What world events have had an impact on our lives?the twin towers were distoied and many people died and was a depesion. the bali bombings took place and killed the attack had 202 vic toms 209 people were injured.
  • What world events are shaping our lives now?