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super man!!!

why was music so popular in the 1940's

because there was no television and they liked to dance

why was music bands so popular???

because they like to swing dance and they like the feeling of the music

who were the most popular singers in 1940????

this week 1950's

peace man

peace man don't cut down my trees

why is it called baby boom????

because that's when the army men came back and they missed there wife's so much and then they all had baby's the reason why it didn't happen in the 1940 is because all the guys were at war

what threats to the world peace flared to the 1950's??

it was a space race and they needed to get a person on the moon first the united states won

where did rock n roll origionate from???

from the late 1940's and the early 1950's like from the rythem and blues

in what way was the 50's conservative???the corean war was on and there was the space race yey the 1960's!!!! how did the space race impact on the world???
it increased tecnolagy

social change??
new ideas about women quality