7 - High Order Thinking Tasks




Design a poster to advertise a local dance during this era – consider how a poster in this era might have looked

In the 1940’s more and more women began wearing trousers. Why?
Analyse the song ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ from the point of view of the bugler, his commanding officer, the men who shared quarters with him, and the band mates he left behind.
Construct a list of 5 of the biggest pop music stars of the 1940’s. Write a paragraph about each and list at least 3 of their greatest hits.
Explain how WW2 impacted on the role of women.
Describe what ‘rationing’ was and how it affected people’s lives.

Compose a poem about how world peace was threatened during the 1950’s

Choose and justify a theme song that epitomises Elvis Presley.
Discuss the similarities and differences between Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran
Use your knowledge of rock’n’roll origins to formulate 10 quiz questions about it. [Provide answers too..]
What is a jukebox? How does it work? Find a tv sitcom where a jukebox played an important role.
Research a fascinating woman called Rosa Parks. In what ways did her struggle symbolize the civil rights movement in America?

Design a newspaper article detailing what happened in the ‘space race’ between the USSR and the Americans
Justify the decision of the US government to send men to the moon.
Compare and contrast The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Include at least 4 examples of their songs that cover the length of their career.
Write a persuasive letter to your parents arguing why you should be allowed to attend a Beatles concert.
Paraphrase in your own words the meaning of ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’
Research JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King. What was their impact?

Create male and female outfits for dancing in the ‘70’s
Evaluate the influence of The Bee Gees on disco
Investigate the beginnings of the Video era
Prepare 10 questions to interview a person who was a ‘hippy’ in the ‘70’s
Give reasons for the Vietnam war protests in Australia and the USA.
Summarize what the ’Civil Rights’ movement in the US was about.

Make a model or draw a picture of a typical male or female ‘80’s outfit
How did Down Under become a worldwide hit?
Summarise the reasons for the Michael Jackson phenomenon
Write a news report about the collapse of the Berlin Wall
Using words, pictures and icons, restate what you know about 4 decades of rock music.
List the attributes of a hit song in the 1980s?

Generate key questions for an interview with Bill Gates that will reveal the real man.

Select an iconic 1990’s electronic invention and evaluate its usefulness, practicality, and social or cultural or economic importance.
Compare a happy song with a sad one in 1990s. What sorts of sounds/chords/elements are typical of each.
Construct a flow chart of the career of your favourite 1990’s artist/group. Use pics, stories, clips etc.
Write a poem about the importance of a favourite 1990s piece of music to you.
White 20 interesting facts about an iconic personality of the 1990’s.

Design and create a CD title and cover for a compilation of your favourite songs of 2006.

Rank a list of twenty 21st century fashion items from least practical to most practical.
.Name a song from this decade that makes you:
happy, sad, thoughtful -
Analyse how and why the song has this effect on you.
Interview a divergent group of people in your life to identify their favourite style of music, favourite artists and favourite songs.
Research 5 songs of the 2000s that you believe would help someone to understand this decade
Make an A-Z list of fads and fashions 1940s-2006